Time for IIoT2.0 – More last-mile success and less technology!

IIoT1.0 or the first wave of Industrial Internet of Things solutions over-focused on technology and under-delivered on industrial transformation. This resulted in too many Proof-of-concept successes and too few end-user adoptions.


Industrial customers have been overwhelmed by technology overload from IIoT1.0 but are now focusing on what matters – last-mile success or end-user adoption. Essentially, customers are leading the way to pragmatic use of IIoT solutions for Operations transformation.


Figure below illustrates the required shift from technology-focused IIoT1.0 to end-user focused IIoT2.0.

time for iiot2.0time for iiot2.0


Industrial companies envision their Operations transformation journey to progress from Gut-feel to Data-driven decisions to De-staff to No-staff operations. A pragmatic approach to the first shift from gut-feel to data-driven decisions starts with following quick-hits:

  • Faster detection & response: Use industrial data for foresight into operational anomalies & inefficiencies for early, corrective actions
  • Expertise multiplicity: Centralize data & insights to enable one-expert to many-sites impact. Also systemize and cross-pollinate best practices across sites

The last-mile success on these quick-hits expands the horizons for big-hits:

  • Intelligent operations: Leveraging Machine learning and Artificial intelligence for predictive insights to avoid unplanned downtime events
  • Re-think planned outages: Align all maintenance within planned outages and extend planned outages for enhanced revenue availability 
  • Just-in-time approach: Asset tracking, supply-chain management and maintenance activities

IIoT2.0 solutions need to align with industrial customers` pragmatic approach to operations transformation. This means more focus on ensuring last-mile success and less on spotty technologies. Without the right focus on end-user adoption, IIoT solutions will continue to be irrelevant to last-mile success!