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Emissions and Compliance Monitoring

Timely alerts and reduced emissions

mRegz™ AirCompliance

Comprehensive emissions and compliance monitoring solution enabled by IIoT2.0 to streamline and automate LDAR, fenceline, process safety, AVO.

Holistic solution:

  • Integrated LDAR, Fenceline, AVO & process safety
  • Automated monitoring 24X7
  • Real-time insights & timely repairs
  • Seamless fit with operator work-process


Move from walkabout monitoring to automated monitoring with easy-to-adopt, real-time data analytics to detect, understand and correct anomalies.


Certified for hazardous locations. Self-expressive: designed for quick calibration & maintenance

Intelligent Software with Mobile App

Email and text alerts with leak detection, location and level

Focus action only on the issues that need attention

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