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Mike Clausewitz

Mike Clausewitz

Enterprise LDAR Execution Lead, 

Krishna Uppuluri

Krishna Uppuluri


Barry Kelley

Barry Kelley

Environmental Manager, 



Band-aid and piece-meal solutions – Playing hide-and-seek with emissions?

Emissions monitoring in industrial sites includes process units, fenceline and other potential emission assets. Existing monitoring methods are predominantly manual, error-prone with delayed detections and corrections. Sites deal with any emissions exceptions using portable sensors and other quick-fix solutions. Without a longer-term solution, the reactive approach leads to growing risks of compliance and safety incidents. Will the industry continue to play hide-and-seek with emissions despite the growing potential for operational and monetary disruptions!

Tuesday, April 4th


Customer forum @4C - Operator-first use-cases proving Operations transformation

Visit us to learn about our innovative, operator-first solutions for emissions and corrosion monitoring. Deep-dive into proven use-cases for operations transformation by our customers in the following areas: Emissions monitoring – Automated, continuous monitoring for LDAR, Fenceline, Tank Farms, Pipeline terminals, AVO and Process safety

  • Holistic solutions with NextGen sensors, speciation, analytics, delivering real-time alerts, efficient leak isolation and structured response workflows
  • Solution enables AMEL as approved by the U.S. EPA

Corrosion monitoring – Avoid over-monitoring and over-maintenance on fixed assets such as Alky units, Hydroprocessing units, variety of fixed-asset vessels and flare systems

  • Innovative solutions with TML optimization, Hi-fidelity sensors and operational context insights 
Spend less time on technology and more on operator adoption!

Wednesday, April 5th


My fenceline is clean, how about yours?

Fenceline monitoring has been a manual art with delayed results and forgotten situational context. With growing regulations and non-governmental scrutiny, industrial sites need enhanced monitoring, detection of emissions and real-time situational awareness. This is even more imperative with multiple industrial sites adjacent to each other.


Early warning on emissions, why it matters and why it leads to a winner!

Early warning system homogenizes emissions monitoring at industrial sites. Real-time alerts based on high sensitivity detections lead to timely corrections. Hence a high probability that existing compliance efforts will now be cleaner and correct by design. This presentation shows ways to proactively manage emissions and avoid surprises in existing compliance methods.


Right-leak at right-time to Any-leak at any-time!

Historically security guards used to go on scheduled inspection rounds hoping to find the right intruder at the right time. This innocence has come a long way to automated, WIFI enabled security solutions that enable anytime-anywhere detection of intruders. Emissions monitoring needs a similar progression from the decades old manual inspection rounds hoping to find the right-leak at right-time. It is time to move forward to fixed, automated monitoring solutions to find any-leak at any-time!


ESG – Starts with emissions!

Environmental is the key driver for actionable part of ESG. It impacts quality of life and global sustainability. Hence the ESG program implementation needs a sensors-driven IoT approach and not be limited by a system-of-record IT approach. Force-fitting an IT approach for quick-hit ESG success could lead to news worthiness but not program effectiveness


Actual Emissions vs Compliance Emissions


AMEL Panel

Thursday, April 6th


Speciation – Balancing early detection and speciation

Speciation of gases is important, particularly when exceeding operational limits. However, speciation sensors are still in evolution in terms of sensitivity, reliability and maintenance. There may be an opportunity to balance these limitations with other proven sensor solutions that enable early detection but not speciation. The combination could provide the best of where is the leak, what gas and how much?


High-confidence Detection of Corrosion in AKLY Unit and other fixed assets reduces risks and enhances safety.

Legacy corrosion monitoring solutions are unreliable and ineffective. Hence the asset health inspectors continue to rely on existing manual methods of corrosion monitoring. New hi-fidelity sensors and intelligent insights enable optimal process against asset health. Combining high-accuracy thickness measurements with plant operations data helps in early detection of unexpected corrosion. Plants can avoid over-monitoring and over-maintenance of fixed assets.


Emissions Monitoring strategy – Stewardship or survival?

Emissions monitoring strategy can be approached as a stewardship or a survival program. Stewardship takes a proactive, holistic approach for sustainable, continuous improvement. Survival takes a reactive, piece-meal approach for short-term quick-fix remedy. This presentation explores how the two approaches lead to different trajectories of success and survival..

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