What is mPACT2WO?

mPACT2WO offers AIoT-enabled monitoring solutions that ensure that gas leaks and corrosion anomalies are detected accurately and quickly.


mPACT2WO's operations-centric solutions leverage high-fidelity sensors, advanced Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms, and automated response workflows to enable plant operators in process industries to focus on more value-driven tasks rather than performing manual inspections.

What types of monitoring solutions does mPACT2WO offer?

mPACT2WO provides AirCompliance and Corrosion Monitoring solutions for industrial operators to make data-enabled decisions and maximize operational efficiency.

1. mRegzTM AirCompliance provides continuous emissions monitoring to reduce emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOC) and greenhouse gases (GHG).


2. mCluezTM Corrosion Monitoring provides fixed asset health monitoring for unexpected corrosion and unplanned maintenance.

In what industries does mPACT2WO provide solutions?

mPACT2WO solutions are designed to help customers in the following process industries:


• Refineries

• Oil & Gas

• Petrochemical

• Chemical

• Agriculture Fertilizer

• Pulp & Paper

• Food & Beverage

• Pharma

What is AirCompliance? How does AirCompliance help with emissions monitoring?

mRegz™ AirCompliance is a sensor-enabled automated and continuous monitoring solution to minimize emissions and maximize compliance (e.g., to support compliance monitoring under the Clean Air Act – CAA). AirCompliance solution provides real-time insights and workflows for timely responses to address LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair), Fenceline monitoring, Process Safety and AVO (Audio, Visual and Olfactory) inspections.

AirCompliance solution is applicable for emissions control in industries such as petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, paper and pulp, pharma, metals and other process industries in achieving net-zero emissions, sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals. mRegz™ AirCompliance is an Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)-enabled SaaS solution.

What are the benefits of the AirCompliance solution?

Our AirCompliance emissions monitoring solution offers a range of benefits for industrial operators:

• Reduced site-wide emissions by 40-60%

• Faster leak detection and fix for all emissions monitoring use cases

• Enhanced safety of personnel & community

• Efficient compliance programs – real-time alerts, response workflows, and timely corrections (enabled by a shift to EPA approved alternate method for LDAR – AMEL)

Is AirCompliance approved by EPA?

EPA has posted the Notice of Final for Approval of Alternative Means of Emission Limitation (AMEL) at Flint Hill Resources (FHR) in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the Federal Register.


mRegz™ AirCompliance solution has been developed in collaboration with FHR as a customer and EPA ORD for equivalence to Method21. This ground up validation has made AirCompliance the most promising alternative method for Method21 as well as other emissions monitoring and compliance needs (LDAR, fenceline monitoring, process safety, tank farms, pipelines and terminals).

How is AirCompliance different from other manual emissions monitoring and compliance methods?

mRegz™ AirCompliance is an event-based AIoT-enabled solution with automated and continuous monitoring to reduce emissions unlike time-based monitoring implemented by manual methods. Key benefits include:

• Continuous and automated 24x7 monitoring

• Area coverage to address small and large leaks

• Digital recordkeeping for traceability and a single source of truth from data collection to insights to corrective actions

What’s the status of your LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) solution with the EPA? Is the AirCompliance solution in active use at customer plants?

AirCompliance solution is deployed for active use at multiple customer plants, including Flint Hill Resources (FHR) and other customers.

Why use Fenceline solution when we have sampling stations per EPA’s Method 325?

Fenceline solution, part of mRegz™ AirCompliance, provides real-time insights with continuous monitoring of emissions. The solution sends real time notifications on emission sources whether it’s inside or outside the plant vs. Method 325 which is a passive monitoring with multi-week delay in detection and resolution.

What type of gases can be detected by Molex sensors for AirCompliance?

mRegz™ AirCompliance solution provides integration with various 3rd party speciation data such as benzene, ethylene, methane, and other volatile organic (VOC) and greenhouse gases (GHG) to provide a holistic view of emissions with estimations.

How do I know if a sensor doesn’t work?

mRegz™ AirCompliance  solution is uniquely designed to be self-expressive to highlight any sensor health or transmission issues. 

Sensor and transmitter health monitoring is provided as part of the AirCompliance solution. Users subscribed to the lists will be alerted of any sensor or transmission issues via email or text message.

How does the system alert users of a leak or emission?

PSL (potential source location) notifications are communicated as alerts to registered users via email or text messages.

What is Corrosion Monitoring?

mCluez™ Corrosion Monitoring is a sensor-enabled automated solution to optimize fixed asset & process health.  The solution provides accurate corrosion and process insights while reducing monitoring and maintenance costs. mCluez™ Corrosion Monitoring offers sensor-enabled monitoring for high risk TMLs (thickness measurement location) and TML optimization for low risk TMLs. mCluez™ Corrosion Monitoring is an Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)-enabled SaaS solution.

What are the benefits of the Corrosion Monitoring solution?

Our Corrosion Monitoring solution offers the following benefits:

• Reduced costs of over-monitoring by 60-80%

• Reduced over-maintenance costs due to unplanned downtime

• Enhanced safety

Can I use Molex Corrosion TML solution for our existing sensors in the plant?

TML Optimization module of mCluez™ Corrosion Monitoring is applicable for existing sensor-based and/or alternate type of solutions that exists in the plant or facility. However, effective monitoring, reliability, safety of critical assets and reduction in maintenance costs require end-to-end mCluez™ Corrosion Monitoring solution.

How do I get started with mPACT2WO's emissions and corrosion monitoring solutions?

mPACT2WO facilitates smooth onboarding and adoption through four key phases:

• Pre-deployment

• Deployment

• Validation

• Customer Success

How do I buy the solution? Do I need to pay for additional support and maintenance?

mPACT2WO solutions are deployed as-a-service model, typically with end-to-end support, that includes sensors, analytics, response workflows, maintenance, and support.


Our solutions packages come with inclusive support and maintenance services. Contact us for further details.