Enhance your daily operations with continuous emissions monitoring


Step into the forefront of fugitive emission leak detection evolution with mRegz AirCompliance. Our state-of-the-art solution provides continuous monitoring, accurately locating emission leaks in process industries, with precision ranging from low to high parts-per-billion detection. Establish environmental stewardship, elevate safety standards, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize operational workflows with our cutting-edge AIoT-enabled emissions monitoring solution. Uncover the transformative power of continuous leak detection intelligence, gaining a strategic advantage while effectively minimizing fugitive emissions. 

Extensive use cases – LDAR, Fenceline, Tank Farms, Terminals, Pump Stations and remote unmanned sites
Integrated environmental compliance and early warning for process safety
Operations-centric solution components – gas sensors, AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based operational analytics, and automated response workflows
24x7 continuous emissions alerts and timely corrections
Designed for a seamless fit with operator work-processes

Improve oversight of industrial operations, reduce fugitive emissions, and enhance community safety while maintaining adherence to governance standards

Anomaly-triggered Emissions Monitoring

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Case Study

Explore how mRegzTM AirCompliance swiftly detected emissions at a remote site, allowing our customer to resolve the leak within 7 hours. This rapid response not only minimized the site's environmental impact but also significantly reduced cleanup and repair costs.

Customer Success Stories

    • Asset: Remote pump station site (pipelines & terminals)
    • Problem: Unidentified emissions at a remote site impact production and environmental safety, potentially escalating cleanup costs and repairs. 
    • Solution: mRegz™ AirCompliance solution sent an alert showing a category 2 emission peak at 46 ppm.
    • Benefit: Early detection minimizes gasoline loss to a few gallons; leak fully resolved in 7 hours.
    • Asset: High-pressure hydrocarbon processing unit
    • Problem: Emissions go undetected until the scheduled quarterly monitoring, with increased risk exposure.
    • Solution: mRegz™ AirCompliance alerted ops about a Category 1 leak (> 3000 ppbe) in the high-pressure section, identified in 30 minutes.
    • Benefit: Early detection and location info allowed a controlled shutdown, swift leak repair, and a safe restart the next day.
    • Asset: Hydrogen compressor
    • Problem: Undetected emissions on equipment not in routine AVO or LDAR monitoring pose an increased safety risk.
    • Solution: LDSN detected a Category 1 high emission within hours, notifying the Operations and LDAR team of a leaked recycled hydrogen.
    • Benefit: Decisions were made to take equipment offline for repairs.
    • Asset: Tank farm conservation vent
    • Problem: Abnormal emissions at an authorized source pose a potential risk.
    • Solution: mRegz™ AirCompliance alerted ops; personnel dispatched within minutes.
    • Benefit: Within 4 hours of notification, the emission source was located and corrected, staying within limits.