Transform Emissions Monitoring and Leak Detection With Focus on Adoption




Are you ready for a transformation in emissions monitoring and leak detection?


Embark on a transformative journey with this video podcast hosted by Peter Manos, ARC Advisory Group's Director of Research. This insightful conversation features Krishna Uppuluri, VP/GM IIoT Solutions at mPACT2WO, and Chip Hilarides, Vice President of Quality and Stewardship at Flint Hills Resources.


Ever wondered about the key elements that separate true transformational successes from mere transitional efforts in emissions monitoring? Krishna unfolds the answer, providing a roadmap to success in leak detection solutions. But, what does success look like from the end-user perspective? Chip, with his experience at Flint Hills Resources, paints a compelling picture.


Explore common pitfalls to avoid in adopting AI and ML-driven solutions within the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries. Join us as we discover the strategies, experiences, and crucial insights that are reshaping the narrative of success in leak detection solutions. 


Listen to the podcast here and elevate your emissions monitoring journey. 


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Source: ARC Advisory Group